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8th April 2007





Capacity Study of Islamic Relief

Study of the Humanitarian Capacity of Plan Sweden

SOS Children Villages Sweden and Islamic Relief Sweden

Sida’s Division for Humanitarian Assistance regularly performs capacity studies of humanitarian actors to learn more about the organisations and to assess their capacity to carry out humanitarian relief programmes.

In 2006, Sida commissioned Deloitte to conduct capacity studies of Islamic Relief, SOS Children Villages and Plan, with a particular focus on their humanitarian work. The same year, each of these organisations had received grants from Sida’s humanitarian division for projects in Pakistan after the earthquake (Plan and Islamic Relief) and in Malawi to assist drought affected households (SOS Children Villages). The purpose of the studies was as follows:

  • To map the organisations in terms of organisational structure, management capacity, administration structures and routines etc.,
  • To assess the organisations’ capacity to carry out humanitarian relief efforts,
  • To provide Sida with recommendations regarding a possible future partnership with the organisations..



Swedish International Development. (2007). The Pakistan earthquake relief programme as a case study Capacity Study of Islamic Relief. [Online] Available:


  • Capacity Study of Islamic Relief
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