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17th April 2018


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Seven Years of Crisis

Islamic Relief’s Humanitarian Response in Syria 2012-2017

The continued destruction of the public health infrastructure in 2017 put existing health facilities under additional strain, limiting the ability of vulnerable people to access sufficient medical assistance. In September 2017, four healthcare facilities were put out of service in one week, leaving thousands of patients without healthcare in Has Hospital, Khan Sheikhoun’s Surgical Hospital, Al Teh’s Women & Children’s Hospital and Kafr Nabl’s Surgical Hospital.

Currently, less than half of Syria’s health facilities remain fully operational. The priorities for Syria’s health sector in 2018 are access to primary healthcare, maintaining medicine and medical supplies for the treatment of trauma, obstetric care, infectious diseases and chronic conditions.



Islamic Relief Worldwide (2018), Seven Years of Crisis, Birmingham, United Kingdom


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