Portraits of Resilience

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3rd April 2016


Islamic Relief Bangladesh



Portraits of Resilience

Confronting Climate Change in Bangladesh

Climate induced natural hazards are emerging and are becoming a major cause of concern, particularly in the coastal and haor areas of Bangladesh. There is growing evidence that these hazards are appearing more frequently. Over the last thirty years, Bangladesh has experienced nearly 200 climate-related disasters which have accounted for around $16 billion economic losses including the damage of assets, property and livelihoods. Tackling this challenge of climate change and natural disasters Islamic Relief Bangladesh has been implementing a project titled “Enhancing Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Resilience in Bangladesh” for the aected communities helping communities bounce back from the adversity. Here are a collection of photo stories from people who have survived – coped or confronted these challenges. We found many inspiring success stories during our time spent with communities. We believe this photo story book ” Portraits of Resilience: Confronting Climate Change in Bangladesh” will generate a sense of hope highlighting what’s possible and portray the resilience of the people of our country.




Islamic Relief Bangladesh (2015) Portraits of Resilience : Confronting Climate Change in Bangladesh, Islamic Relief Bangladesh, Dhaka, BD.


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