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28th February 2019


Dr. Jörg Haustein, Professor Emma Tomalin



Keeping Faith in 2030: Religions and the Sustainable Development Goals

4. FBO Workshop on Religions and the Sustainable Development Goals, UK.

This workshop was the first event of a new research network funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council on the topic of religions and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It brought together faith-based organizations and other actors in the UK involved in religions & development practice to examine the new SDGs. The workshop had two aims, one to garner information about the consultation process/implementation of SDGs for UK based organisations and the second to inform our country conferences in India and Ethiopia. We were interested to find out from participants: 

  • To what extent do you feel that religious voices were enabled to be heard in the consultation process for the SDGs and with what effect? 
  • In what ways and to what extent to you think religious perspectives were included in the formulation of the SDGs? 
  • To what extent and in what ways are you now beginning to interpret and implement the SDGs in your work? 
  • Do you feel the SDGs provide a useful framework to tackle ‘sustainable development’ globally?
  • What are the advantages and the disadvantages of working within the SDG framework?

We finished the workshop with a discussion in two groups, one for India and one for Ethiopia, that was guided by the following questions: 

  • What, in your opinion, are the gaps and priorities in research around religion and the 2030 sustainable development agenda? 
  • How engaged are religious groups/FBOs in policy discourses around religion and sustainable development – how could it be done better – and how might this network facilitate that? 
  • Who are the key stakeholders to engage at the country level around the SDGs? What networks are you connecting with to talk about the SDGs? 
  • How best might the network integrate academic and non-academic partners?

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