IR Palestine strategy 2017

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31st October 2017


Islamic Relief Palestine



Islamic Relief Palestine Strategy Paper 2017-2021

Our Strategy

Guided by Islamic values of Social justice (Adl), Sincerity (Ikhlas), Excellence (Ihsan), Compassion (Rahma) and Custodianship (Amana), our main mission is to empower the local community to prepare and respond to emergencies as well as support them in the journey from relief and aid dependency to resilience building and ultimately sustainable livelihoods. The very special, chronic situation of Gaza dictates that humanitarian work should focus on long term interventions, to mitigate the deterioration occurring as a result of isolating Gaza from the rest of the world and from the lack of most of life’s necessities. Our main target groups include children and youth in the main sectors of intervention, where we aim to excel in our integrated approaches and complement our humanitarian work with long-term development programmes, to produce lasting and sustainable impacts on the lives of the poor and marginalised people we serve. Today’s investment in children’s education, as well as in youth engagement, is an investment for a brighter tomorrow. We hope that through the generous donations of IR Partners and the international donor community, we can achieve our goals.



Islamic Relief Palestine (2017) Islamic Relief Palestine Strategy Paper 2017-2021, Islamic Relief Palestine, Gaza Strip.


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