Islamic Relief Annual Report 1998

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31st December 1998


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Islamic Relief Annual Report 1998

Working for a brighter future

During the course of my work as Director, I get asked about Islamic Relief and how similar it is to other NGOs. It is whilst trying to answer this question that I remind myself that Islamic Relief has a rather unique place in the field of aid. It is a UK based charity and yet Islamic. Some obviously see this as a contradiction, but to me it is a natural outcome of the experience of Muslims living and working in the west. What’s more, we believe it is a unique strength to be able to bridge the gap (as some see it) between the West and the Muslim world. On the other hand we have the responsibility of making sure that this model is successful whilst having few examples with which we can compare ourselves.


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Islamic Relief Worldwide (1998), Islamic Relief Annual Report 1998 


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