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19th March 2014


Islamic Relief Worldwide



Emergency Response to Violence in Anbar, Iraq

In Iraq, hundreds of thousands of people have fled violence and armed clashes in the western province of Anbar.

Since the 72-hour cease-fire – which started on 22 February – the situation in Anbar remains volatile. Tens of thousands continue to flee fierce fighting between government security forces, armed fighters, and tribal groups, while many are believed to be trapped in what are being described as siege-like conditions, sealed off from aid.

In an agreement with UNICEF, Islamic Relief – which has been working in Iraq since 1996 – is to assess humanitarian aid and evaluate the safest way to deliver assistance. We continue to work through UN-led clusters to access displaced families inside and outside of Anbar.


  • Emergency response to violence in Anbar, Iraq _ Islamic Relief Worldwide
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