Countries in Conflict

Publication date

22nd January 2018


Islamic Relief Canada



Countries in Conflict Donor Report

You gave hope to those living in Countries in Conflict

Syria, Palestine, Iraq, South Sudan, Yemen, the list goes on.

Civilians are continuously caught between bullets and bombs. Millions of families have been displaced without homes; those injured are in desperate need of medical support — and children are still struggling without food, let alone an education. These are our brothers and sisters. Thanks to your kindness, you have allowed us to help return dignity to those affected by armed conflict. With your continuous support, Islamic Relief has been able to provide much needed food, medical care and essential everyday items for displaced families worldwide.

This report outlines our efforts in the conflicted regions and how your contributions have put a sense of hope back into the lives of those affected



Islamic Relief Canada (2017) Countries in Conflict Donor Report 2017, Islamic Relief Canada, Burlington, ON



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