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1st May 2018


Islamic Relief Palestine



Community Vulnerability Mapping Study 2017-2018

Community Vulnerability Mapping Study 2017-2018

The blockade and the several wars/assaults on Gaza Strip in the last decade, have imposed huge restrictions and obstacles and undermined the ability of municipalities and relevant ministries to provide the essential services to the population of Gaza Strip (approx. 2 Million people). This situation has exacerbated the already deteriorated living conditions of the populations of the most vulnerable localities in particular in terms of economic, environmental, protection, education, and health aspects.

The current study of the community vulnerability mapping aims to identify the most vulnerable localities in Gaza Strip in terms of access of their populations to the basic services that are supposed to be provided by local municipalities, relevant ministries, civil society organizations and private sector. Vulnerability of such localities is reflected on the weakness of its population who become more vulnerable, weaker and less resilient compared to populations with more access to services.



Islamic Relief Palestine (2018) Community Vulnerability Mapping Study 2017-2018, Islamic Relief Palestine, Gaza Strip.


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