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13th February 2018


Islamic Relief Worldwide



An Islamic Human Rights Perspective on Early Forced Marriage

Protecting the Sanctity of Marriage

This guide presents an Islamic human rights perspective on EFM for those seeking to understand the issues and working to end the practices in Muslim communities. Islamic Relief believes that changing perceptions in order to end harmful practices in Muslim communities is best done through better understanding and raising awareness of human rights as enshrined in Islamic law. We call upon parents and guardians, imams and community leaders, teachers and health workers, governments and NGOs to work together to understand why EFM is practiced in Muslim communities, raise awareness about the harm it causes, tackle the complex issues that lead to its prevalence and seek to change perceptions and behaviour by promoting a better understanding of human rights.



Islamic Relief Worldwide (2018) An Islamic Human Rights Perspective on Early Forced Marriage, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Birmingham, UK.


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